Appetizers / Salad


Seven Spiced Ahi – $16
Chopped bigeye tuna marinated with seven spices, stacked on buttered crispy rice, garnished with thin slices of jalapeños

Oven Baked Sake Roulade – $12
Chopped crabmeat and shrimp mixed with spiced mayo, rolled up with slices of fresh salmon, oven baked topped with chili tobiko served with house made unagi sauce

Maui Tartare – $15
Tartare of fresh tuna and yellowtail mixed with chives, minced garlic, black and chili tobiko served in citrus seven spiced aioli sauce

Oyster Shooter – $7
Fresh oyster in sake ponzu sauce served with quail egg and a hint of chili and chives

Uni Shooter – M.P.
Fresh sea urchin in sake ponzu served with quail egg and a slice of lemon

Dynamite – $12
Sushi rice wrapped with fresh salmon, oba and mamenori topped with chopped seven spice seasoned fresh scallop, shrimp and crabmeat, served in house ponzu sauce

Spring Blossom – $15
Tuna, salmon S.W. tuna, asparagus and oba wrapped with mamenori served with sweet citrus vinaigrette

Ecstasy – $13
Thin slice of super white tuna flash seared with an olive garlic sauce and scallion served on a bed of organic shredded dikon radish in creamy citrus sauce

Jalapeno Bomb – $12
Deep fried Jalapeno stuffed with spicy salmon and cream cheese, served with unagi sauce and shredded potato chips

Bluefin Crudo – $24
Sashimi slices of Bluefin Tuna with cubed Asian pear and cucumber. Drizzled in a spicy gallic ponzu sauce and topped with minced Oba leaves and crispy garlic.

Truffle Bluefin – $18
Cubed Bluefin Tuna and avocado mixed with Pico de Gallo, wasabi mayo, yuzu vinaigrette, and truffle oil. Placed on top of a homemade toro chip, drizzled with a balsamic reduction and topped with chili tobiko

Uni Toro Tartar – M.P
Chopped fatty tuna and uni on top of a bed of sushi rice. Topped with a quail egg, kizami wasabi, masago, and a hint of sesame oil. Served with roosted seaweed on the side


Edamame – $5 / $7
Steamed soybeans in a pod Served salted or spicy

Agedashi Tofu – $6
Crispy tofu in dashi broth

Gyoza – $7
Pan fried pork dumpling served with soy dipping sauce

Shumai – $7
Steamed shrimp dumpling served with citrus soy dipping sauce

Vegetable tempura – $9
Asparagus, sweet potato, onion, sliced carrot, butternut squash, mushroom

Shrimp tempura – $12
Sweet potato, onion, baby carrot, butternut squash, mushroom

Crispy Calamari – $12
Calamari tempura with wasabi tartar sauce

Coconut Shrimp – $12
Coconut crusted deep fried shrimp with sweet chili sauce

Soft-Shell Crab – $13
Lightly floured & fried soft-shell crab served with ponzu dipping sauce

Mussel – $15
Lemongrass, pancetta, fingerling pepper, champagne, herb toast

Scallop – $16
Pan-seared scallop with spring pea puree, sautéed pea tendrils, bacon and pickled watermelon radish

Yakitori – $6
Chicken skewers served with teriyaki sauce

Asparagus Beef Roll – $13
Pan fried sirloin wrapped asparagus roll

Pork Belly – $13
Pan fried pork belly with kimchi slaw, pickled daikon radish and house mustard


House Salad – $9
Fresh spring greens served with a creamy ginger dressing

Wakame Salad – $7
Marinated seaweed and cucumbers served with sweet mirin vinaigrette

Cucumber & Japanese Mint Salad – $9
Thin slices of cucumber and Japanese mint leaves served with a creamy ginger dressing

Citrus Tuna and Avocado Salad – $18
Diced fresh bigeye tuna and avocado with organic spring greens served with a citrus garlic olive vinaigrette and garnished with shredded red radish


The DuPage County Health Department advises that eating raw or undercooked meat, poultry, eggs or seafood poses a health risk to everyone, but especially to the elderly, young children under age four, pregnant women, and other highly susceptible individuals with compromised immune systems. Thorough cooking of such animal foods reduces the risk of illness. If you have questions, contact your physician or the DuPage County Health Department at 630-682-7979, extension 7046 or